Don’t Ask for Feedback

Have you ever been afraid to ask for feedback because it may hurt your feelings? It is hard to accept constructive feedback, especially when it is something that you have been pouring your heart and soul into.

You spent hours, days, maybe even weeks working on something that is very important to you.

Feedback is valuable, it is always good to get a different perspective.  Sometimes we are too close to a project and cannot see it through critical eyes.

Don’t ask for feedback unless you truly want it.  Be selective. Everyone does not provide good feedback.

Couple of things to consider when asking for feedback:

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Is the person you are seeking advice from honest?

Do you trust this person?

Can you accept what they say, even if the feedback is not positive?

Does the person you are seeking advice from have the expertise needed in that area?

If not, are they credible enough in your eyes to accept their response?

Will they make time, after all everyone is busy, to review your project AND give you feedback?

Build feedback time into the project, don’t wait until the last-minute.  Share your drafts and make the process more efficient.


Asking for feedback has been difficult due to a true fear, maybe even insecurity. It’s a deep desire to feel as if the information is correct and maybe even a bit of arrogance in thinking it’s “perfect”.  I usually do ask for feedback on more major projects and now I think I should ask on the smaller ones as well.

I discovered with my last project that I have some really great people who are willing to take the time to provide the feedback. I asked a few out of convenience, they gave me such great feedback that I wish I would have gone to them sooner.

I have also discovered that feedback feels great..there was a release of tension that occurred that was unexpected.

Gaining feedback is a great tip for those of us that work from home. Why not gather a circle of feedback partners with those we value most and establish a process to provide feedback to each other.

How do you feel about feedback?  Is it easy for you to accept?  I am really curious, please share your thoughts via comments below.



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    Getting feedback is good but it should be in the right way. It contains two halves one that get feedback and other who give feedback, so most importantly that giver should be honest and receiver should be strong enough to take things positively.

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