Who says you only drink wine from a wine glass?

glass of water in a wine glass

There are days we struggle and days we rejoice…it’s all about our view..our vision..our attitude. Life as an entrepreneur is fast paced. There is always something that needs to be completed, shared, created, discussed and more. Somewhere in the midst of all of this activity and passion we may forget about the joy. It’s just […]

Embracing Your Creativity Leads to Results

Being Effective in Our Creativity

All of us have a creative side, but may not know where to find it. There may be times that we are called upon to be creative and fear sets in with the wrong mindset – “I can’t do that”. For a few it just might be a time issue – not taking the time […]

I Am Talking, Don’t You Hear Me?

[blog image] I Am Talking, Don't You Hear Me?

There is nothing worse than spending time communicating with someone and then you find out they were not listening. After spending time, valuable time, putting together thoughts, sharing it in an email or via a live conversation, the response clearly demonstrates the other party was NOT paying attention at all. What do you do next? […]