My First 30 Days as a Periscope Newbie

Social Media

Periscope is changing lives.  It is exposing us to others in a way that is new and exciting. You can now take a car ride through a country you may never have a chance to visit, meet “rich friends”, join the #ReupCrew and party, watch celebrities in their natural surroundings, grow your business through various tips, […]

Being Down Doesn’t Mean You’re Out

Being Down Doesn't Mean You're Out

Every single day we have choices.  Every single moment we make decisions. Are you one of those people that takes full responsibility for each decision or do you blame others? Maybe it’s time to step up or step out. It’s difficult to put efforts into the needs of others when our own needs are not […]

How Important is Etiquette on Social Media?

Why Etiquette is SO Important in Social Media

Is it OK for someone to post their self-promoting information on your Facebook page? Let me ask this another way, Is it ok for YOU to self-promote on someone else’s page? In a social networking world that is continually evolving, how would we know if what we are saying or doing is correct or not? […]

The Simple Truth to Consider when Seeking Guru’s

The Simple Truth to Consider when Seeking Guru's

I strongly believe that the choice of words/terms we use to define ourselves and those we speak about are very important…so be careful – they count. I looked up and I was Guru’d out..I was ty-red of listening and receiving all those emails, all those offers. The words/advice/suggestions started running together and it was time […]

AVS4YOU – Enhance your online presence for less

AVS4YOU - Enhance your online presence for less

I’m a stalker.  I like to peak and watch. I enjoy watching them move and the sounds they make. I’m curious, are they going to the right or to the left…which way? I LOVE watching them wiggle, hop, skip and jump. It literally turns me on! Yep, I love watching business professionals/entrepreneurs and some marketers […]