5 Ways to Add Health Into Your Business

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Not eating, working insane hours, and an overflowing inbox is really a sign that something is potentially is wrong.

Working for ourselves tends to make some of us put our individual needs aside for the needs of others.

Then again, maybe that’s just a trait some of us have that shows up in the business too. Why is that, that’s for another time?

Either way, as an entrepreneur, the best thing we can do is to take care of ourselves so that we can sustain performing at our best while running our company.

Optimal health and well-being are critical when running a business.  If you are always tired, and cannot think clearly, you cannot provide your clients with the services they require, or the level of service they deserve.

I am not claiming to be a health expert by any means, nor is it a surprise that we need to be healthier.  It’s all around us, people are talking about incorporating healthier lifestyles everywhere we turn.

The question is, are you doing it?  If not, what will it take to start or at least make one change that ignites your journey.

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Life forced me to make hard decisions….choices. Losing my best friend suddenly (who was 57) forced me to take a cold, hard look at my mortality.  Hell, it scared me!

My moms passing  4 months later, and a friend starting her juicing ritual, began my journey. I tried one of the juices she made, felt it running through my body, and I was hooked.

I learned that it takes time to build a consistent, efficient routine in business and now with health.  Just like with business, persistence paid off.

I chose to incorporate juicing into my daily diet with the primary intention of increasing fruits and vegetables, reducing beef, and eliminating pork.

My energy is at least 70% higher, I sleep better, people tell me I look better with a glow, as well as weight loss.

Below are tips that helped me and hopefully at least one will be something you find worthwhile trying.

#1 – Mindset

As with anything we attempt to do differently, it always begins with our mindset.

I knew I had to do something different to increase my energy through my depression, on top of the fact that I recognized that I had beenGreen juice more sedentary as my business had grown.

I consciously changed my mindset/relationship toward food and focused on the benefits of the food that I was putting in my body.

As I changed my focus, my appetite for the wrong foods changed.

  • I watched Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead on Netflix again, for inspiration
  • I started juicing consistently until it became a habit.
  • I bought juicing books to increase my education and to gain other ideas.
  • I figured out how to eat healthier without increasing the cost significantly (took a minute).
  • I signed up for newsletters and Facebook fan pages that supported juicing and healthier eating habits

It is still a work in progress, but I keep the intentions up close and personal.  😆

#2 Sleep

We all know we handle our businesses better when we get a good nights sleep.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep contributes to impaired analytical thinking, reduced physical performance, negative moods and in some cases weight gain as sleep can affect our hunger hormones.

Since I began juicing, I am definitely sleeping better.

I make sure that I get off of the computer at least an hour before bed.  I play a game to help me relax my mind; it really makes a difference.

#3 Share Your Story/Journey

Utilize your social media connections for support as well as inspire them.

The energy of sharing and the discussions that take place from posting pictures and comments about your journey, allows people to get a personal view of you, and enhances the relationships that are forming.

It also forces you to be a little more accountable because expectations from some begin to develop.

As I have shared my journey it has opened up more conversations with people.  Potential clients that have contacted me as a result of social media, always mention my juicing and things that I have shared.

As I have said before, you never know who is watching.

#4 – Take Breaks and Add Exercise

Research tells us that every 90 to 120 minutes the body goes through different periods of alertness and fatigue throughout the day. Each cycle begins with alertness but after roughly 90 minutes, this starts to diminish and your body needs to rest and take a break.

This is when the mind starts to lose focus, you get hungry, tired and you may procrastinate and make mistakes — or lose momentum to complete your work.

Not gonna beat a dead horse about exercise, we all know how important it is.  But I suck at it for many reasons.

One solution I have found, is to get exercise DVD’s, watch them via Hulu Plus or some format such as that.  I have no excuse…it boils down to making the time for it and consistency.

#5 – Get Centered

Meditation is such an awesome tool and quite honestly, it is something I am learning more about and working towards being consistent.

When I begin each day with at least a 5-15 minute meditation, my day normally flows better.  There is something to be said about our energies when we focus and let things flow.

Regardless if it’s for business, personal growth, or just the desire to increase your energy, start something different today that is health oriented. Don’t let age, or pain, or waiting for a diagnosis of something be the inspiration for change.

What would be an obstacle to incorporation a healthier lifestyle?

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  • Melanie Kissell

    Really enjoyed going behind the scenes with you, Michelle, and learning about your reasons for “juicing” as a means to a healthy lifestyle. Kudos to you! :)

    Talking about exercise …

    A couple of decades ago I thought nothing of walking two miles every night … without fail … seven days a week. I felt better then than I ever have in my entire life. Why did I stop? I got pregnant with my twins, had two other small children in tow, and ended up venturing into single parenting. The story is too long and drawn out to tell but suffice to say my opportunities to weave exercise into my days were non-existent. I was lucky to weave in a shower! LOL!

    Fast forward to the present …

    I find that the ONLY way I’ll exercise is if I do it the minute I get out of bed in the morning. If I dare do anything else first, I never get back to it. So like a lot of other things in life, it’s become a discipline and one with great rewards.

    Love your idea to begin the day with meditation. I’ve never tried it but it sounds like meditation is adding a positive element to your life. Think there’s a way I can exercise and meditate at the same time?! LOL!!

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      I understand the changes about exercise and I am exactly like you. When I lived in Signal Hill a few years back I got up and immediately went walking and the area was hilly so no matter where I walked I had to come up hill to get home and loved it. Now, I am not in places I want to walk so I have sucked at getting out to do it. Really trying to find and inspire myself to be more consistent…especially since the juicing is working..thanks Melanie

  • http://www.thenumberswhisperer.com/ Nicole Fende

    Michelle this really struck home with me, “I consciously changed my mindset/relationship toward food and focused on the benefits of the food that I was putting in my body”. I’ve always resisted limiting my chocolate intake (or pizza for that matter). Chocolate by itself isn’t bad, in moderation. But I’ve never, in 40 years, actively thought while eating what that food would do FOR me, or how it would help me. Sure everyone knows eat your vegetables. The way you’ve presented it made me realize I need to think it throw ALL the way. Thanks!

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      How you feel about chocolate is how I felt about bacon..I LOVE bacon and swore I would never give it up. I now love Turkey bacon and still shocked about it. I still fight with my love of butter, I just use less vs something more artificial… Thanks Nicole.

  • Carol Lynn Rivera

    I had the same reaction as Nicole to “consciously changing your mindset. It’s one of the few things that “works” for me. We are so often taught little tricks to play on ourselves, tips for eating healthier or getting more vegetables. But I think that the subterfuge (trick yourself into eating more broccoli!) is just keeping us in a state of victim-hood to our own bad habits. It’s not until we make a conscious choice and a conscious decision to do something that we can own it and stick with it, even if sometimes we don’t like it.

    On another note, I have been tempted by juicing but to be honest it sounds very gross :) I would try it but juicers are kind of expensive and I hate to try it and throw the thing out! I like eating vegetables, not so sure how fond I’d be of drinking them. But I know you get a lot of nutrients packed in there. Just curious, did you actually find it tasty, as in, yum, I could totaly sip that while sitting by the pool?

    • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Hey Carol Lynn – you totally need to find a friend who juices and try one. As you know, I spent one entire summer eating raw vegan. That included a lot of green smoothies. An apple with those veggies goes a long way toward making them taste delicious. Or half a banana. You’d be surprised. And as for a low-cost juicer — try Craigslist! I found one there for $5. It’s not the top of the line, but it got me through until I could afford the nice one.

      • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

        I learned (my friend researched) that a masticating juicer is better and you get more nutrients out of the veggies. I have also learned that because our bodies process fruits and veggies differently that we should not mix too many fruits and veggies in juices. Yep adding an apple, pear, or even the carrots will add a sweetness and tastes are much better. Beets help that too…I only put bananas with my smoothies and I blend them. Yes, they are expensive and I believe if you are just trying it out, go cheap but if you are in it for the long haul, spend the money. I got my on QVC…so that helped with payments and mine does not have too much cleanup which realllly helps.

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      The 1st juice I had was surprisingly good. There are some that are awful and I drank quickly. Now, I like it. I discussed this with another friend that juices and she said the same thing. After a while they really do not taste bad. I chose juicing because there is no way I would eat as much veggies or fruits that I get when I juice. I make smoothies for breakfast and then a juice of two later in the day. I find drinking them up helps to fill me up and often I use them a meal substitutes.

  • http://getpaidtowriteonline.com/ Sharon Hurley Hall

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle; it’s inspirational. Hats off to you for juicing consistently. I tried a 10 day juicing routine and saw real benefits in terms of energy and weight loss but it was hard work and I haven’t tried it again. Meditation is also on my list – when I did a 21 day meditation exercise recently it made a real difference to my day.

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      Thanks Sharon…I have found once I got use to juicing and how to fix things in advance..it makes it much easier, plus the juicer can make all the difference as well.

  • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

    Love this post, Michelle – it sounds like you’re making big strides to take back your life. I’m off to watch “Fat Sick” now. Someday, you’ll have to share your fav green smoothie recipes.

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      Thanks Tea…let me know what you think. I tell you I have some favs for sure…matter of fact working on a new website to share much of the journey…

  • http://ashleywelton.com/ Ashley Welton

    I’ve always been intrigued by juicing Michelle. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Congrats on getting your spirit together to help you flow through tough times – it’s better than a bag a potato chips. :)

  • SandyMcD

    Meditation and juicing Michelle. It just sounds healthy. Mediation has long been on the to do list. Honestly how pathetic is it to put something guaranteed to do your mind and body well on a to do list?? I struggle to eat breakfast, so maybe juicing would be a grand way to start the day and easier for me to cope with. What would be your favorite recipe site for juicing?

    • http://virtuallydistinguished.com Michelle Church

      I can relate, I will say that it does help to make sure that I have more meals a day. My favorite morning juice is more of a smoothie with whole apple, 1/4 of fresh pineapple, about a cup of blueberries and about 8 strawberries, 1 or 2 bananas. 1 kiwi and a small amount of protein powder and I add about 1/2 cup of water. Yummmy and a great breakfast. no way I could eat that much fruit at one time. One of my favorite juices is 1 beet, 4 carrots, 2 apples, ginger, 1/2 lemon – very tasty if you love beets, but I have that at least 2 or 3 times a week.

  • clarestweets

    Yes to all of your five points but especially to #1 mindset — where all of our actions start! ANd to #5 — get centered. If we are not in balance, emotionally, physically and spiritually, its touch to do our best work for ourselves and our clients.