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One Client Says…

Renee Quarles CEO Shades of AfrikaMichelle Church has brought Shades of Afrika to life via the Social Media Networks in more ways than I can even count.

She has kept us in the forefront of our viewers and blended our purpose and intent to the public so well that I cannot even imagine Shades of Afrika or Natural Kinx & Waves surviving without her professionalism.

She has launched two new websites for me and we love both of them. Michelle Church gave our retail location its shopping cart on the site you can see here and has maintained it well since she brought it to life in 2012.

Much appreciation goes out to you and your future endeavors.  I would suggest your services to anyone looking to sell Online.

Renee Quarles
CEO, Shades of Afrika

Focus Your Energy On Revenue Generating Activities

We wear many hats and at times it can be difficult to delegate and let go. It does not have to be. It takes trust that the skills needed are present and the task will be completed timely and accurately. Let us help you build your online presence so that you are able to spend more time on revenue opportunities. Ask me how!

Another Client Says…

Guiding Hand NutritionMichelle Church has done two websites for me. The first is for Official Health Coach Detox and the second is for Guiding Hand Nutrition.

Both times, Michelle was proactive, creative and all around eager to please and assist. I found her service invaluable as she really held my hand till the end. She was resourceful and full of ideas. We worked so well together because she respected my vision while keeping me focused on our time constraints and our abilities.

I absolutely highly recommend Michelle to anyone, most of all however, to the less technically experienced business owner who just wants a great web page, but is not sure exactly where to start. No worries at all, if you begin with Michelle Church!

Karen Tenenbaum
Owner, Guiding Hand Nutrition